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Post by The Architect on Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:44 am

Title: Create the World (working title)

Description: Is a RPG/story telling forum open to many different types of story tellers and characters. Create the World hopes to provide the most dynamic experience possible as you create your own personal characters have them adventure in an ever changing universe. There are no wrong decisions to make (we hope) in this forum as you uniquely craft your own story and slowly contribute to our new Universe. Breaking the rules will lead to consequences (or perhaps another adventure). This "universe" (forum) is a work in progress, so tune in daily to see whats the next story event coming.

Features (hopefully not too ambitious):
-Newspaper articles or universal/world events (story-wise)
-story mode/ major events
-Virtual stock market (if I can find one  lol! )
-Virtual Currency
-Ever progressing technology (story-wise)
-Good/Evil/Neutral alignment
-create a character/grab a fictional character
-Alter Ego system
-Much much more!!!
The Architect
The Architect

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