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Post by The Architect on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:25 pm

Who is the Architect?

Inspired by the gods of old, men sought to follow a creator that would be acceptable to all kinds of people. The one god to unite the people. There are many myths and legends about this creator of the universe. One particular legend involves the Architect and his fight against the other gods. He created many gods to rule over various parts of the cosmos. The other gods at the time were meant to be trusted with this god-like power. The Architect himself was an artist and planned to make something more precious than any of the stars and planets in the cosmos. In a way it was a gift to all of the other gods to admire and learn. The other gods were impressed, but a few did not understand why. A new galaxy and a new planet was born. This planet was unlike any other. It featured moving creatures, some on all fours and others walked upright. There was nothing special about these creatures. They walked and talked but spoke differently. They had no power and were confined to the land.

How do I create a Character?

Go to Profile>Alter Ego Data then fill in the information to create a character. Your character info will show up on the left of your posts under your avatar. This will publicly display your character.

How many characters can I have?

At the moment I only have one character sheet for each person, but you can make up three characters for the story. These characters can be directly controlled. I may allow supporting characters that you are not controlling.

What can I do with my characters?

Make them the star of your story:
• Make alliances
• Make enemies
• Explore the cosmos
• Go on adventures
• Interact with other players
• Interact in events
• Pretty much anything!

What you cannot do with characters?

• No god-like abilities that offer unfair advantages
• Directly kill or injure any players
• Rewrite another players history
• Revive characters

What happens if I do something wrong?

I have thought about this quite a bit. There are certain ways to do things but what if the player does it wrong? I wanted to make something in a way that does not necessary punish the individual when he does not follow the rules. Maybe the characters does a lot of incorrect actions that increase his “bad karma.” Perhaps the luck of the roll can get you out of trouble from the Architect. This is why I created…..

Time Keepers

Who are they? They are certain players that the Architect has put his trust in. The Architect wanted the timeline clean and orderly. Things can be fixed if needed. If no time keepers are available the Architect will take care of it. The purpose of this role is mainly to undo the unfair actions of another individual or fix any misinterpreted history.

What happens to frequent wrongdoers and criminals then?

They go to prison of course! Yes, a prison coming near you. They will be sprouting all over the place pretty soon. Spend your sentence trying to survive the struggles of prison. Make a gang. Get shanked! Okay, not really. I do plan to release a prison forum which will be part of the story, but not directly effect it.

What are events?

Events are vital to the universe and keep things interesting. Events bring change to the forum reflected in the atmosphere, news stories, and the monetary system I hope to implement. (think stock market)

What are news stories?

What are news stories?
Another feature of the universe to make it feel more like real time. I plan for weekly or even daily news stories. It’s possible that some people will be commissioned to write these articles for various places.

What is the Home world? What will it be like?

The home world or hub world is pretty much where the story branches off from. The story originates in the home world. I have made this earth very much parallel to our actual earth. I wanted to start out where the setting felt relatable. There are of course notable differences.

Do I have to draw my character?

The next few questions will feature questions about character designs. You do not have to draw out your character. Character designs are simply refering to what your character looks like. (Ex: A world filled with tigers will likely not have a character that is a panda.) You will have to visualize the character in your head at least so this can apply to the character design as well. Anything creative is a bonus of course and will add on to your individual story.

Why is my character design completely different from the typical human form?

I am sort of a fan of making things anthropomorphic. I do not necessarily mean for animals, but objects in general. I take inspiration from what I see and create new characters from it. I like to make the proportions work too so sometimes it is harder to draw the character just right.

Do I have to imitate someone else’s character designs when entering them into a world?

Usually it would make more sense and it will depend on what your world looks like. As for the home world, I will allow multiple character designs as it will not seem too far-fetched.

Questions will be updated continually. (I have a lot of questions that you might ask.)
The Architect
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