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March 2019

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The First Human Head Transplant

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The First Human Head Transplant

The First Human Head Transplant


The first human head transplant will take place in the next couple years. This claim is made by a neurosurgeon who as of today successfully tested a head transplant on a full grown monkey. This procedure will be performed on a living human in the next couple years. The patient has the muscle-degenerating Werdnig-Hoffmann disease. The surgeon Sirius Wick comments, "These claims are not fiction. Do you not see that this is the future? This is very much possible and will be the new norm in the medical industry."

Wick did have some opposition with the procedure and has quite a few critics even in his own field. One Russian neurosurgeon points out the possible implications of that this head transplant procedure would put the unfortunate patient in. "The psychological pain may be one hundred times worse than the disease he suffers from now" He points out that there are numerous nervous system issues that will affect the outcome of this procedure.

What will have to be done is freezing of the donor body parts and severing at the spinal cord. The cut will have to be clean in order to prevent nerve damage.

Wick claims to have the recovery methods in order to prevent any dysfunction in the body, and spinal cord. He also points out the less intensive but successful procedures of transplanted limbs, face, and reproductive organs.

The public spectacle that this neurosurgeon has generated is generally frowned upon in the scientific community, especially in the medical field. That would be announcing the research before it is fully published and read by well documented scientists. Whether this man is a mad scientist creating a Frankenstein or medical genius is yet to be seen.

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