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Using Our Forum [GUIDE] Empty Using Our Forum [GUIDE]

Post by The Architect on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:09 pm

Most of this stuff is very easy to navigate through for those familiar with the forumotion format. It is pretty self explanantory, but I will provide a guide to the website for those having trouble. Feel free to ask questions about the navigation of the site here.

Using Our Forum [GUIDE] Postin10

1. This is the advanced post, which is recommended for posting lengthy content.

2. A brief, descriptive title is recommended when making topics.

3. Change the font color of the topic by picking the color.

4. These are the editing tools, most of what you would normally find in a Word document. Bold, italicize, center, bullet points, add images, video, flash, Youtube, and headings and much more can make your text a bit more presentable if needed. Experiment to find whats preferable to you.

Using Our Forum [GUIDE] Postin11

1. Just under the advanced posting system are additional options. Pretty self-explanatory At the moment only I can set what to Sticky, or put under Announcement. These simply mean that you can keep topics in the same place so they never get overencumbered by newer topics. Essential if you want everyone in the forum to know something.

2. Can be used for planning events.  Ex: Contests, countdown

3. Add a poll. This option can be used to get people's opinion on a particular subject. Ex: Which Gaming system is the best? Then you would set your poll options and the length of time the poll will run.

How I post images?

[img]"image url"[/img] (exluding quotations)
Input the image url inside the code when copying and pasting images from the internet. Generally, you can insert an image and it will do it for you on the toolbar above the text bar.

How to enter advanced reply?

Just hit new reply and this page will appear.

Thank you,

The Archtect
The Architect
The Architect

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