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Rise of the PMCs

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Rise of the PMCs Empty Re: Rise of the PMCs

Written By: "Just" Dave

Trouble again in paradise. "Paradise" being a rival PMC group of the infamous cut-throat Nation of Piece militants located off the coast of western Australia. Analysists take note of the reprucussions involved in the armed conflicts of today and the future.

These PMCs, short for private military companies, are of course, a private military that act as a corporation. One could imagine the problems of a military that answers to no one. However, some of these PMCs are not always bad news. For instance, a PMC once aided US in the Iraq conflict of 2003, by sending guns and employees onto the battlefield.

The United Nations for the longest time were cautious with these so called peaceful mercenaries. That being said, it is extremely difficult to know the distiction between peaceful and terroristic mercenaries. An intense protocol was established between any allied forces of the militant groups and UN Forces attributed to the U.N. Initiative. Under certain conditions UN Forces can contract these PMCs for specific tasks that are out of reach for the UN.

There a quite a few benefits to these PMCs, such as their use in turning the tide of a battle between conflicts. Many nation states take advantage and at time depend on them as an alternative for a standing military. Then again, the downfall of PMCs could be too much dependence. This also brings to question what the world would be like if said militaries become the commonplace around the world, battling out against one another. A free-for-all if one could even imagine, and hence, never ending wars.

The UN has reached out to these mercenaries in order that such dark times never comes to pass. A convention for mercenaries could help these military groups keep their practices ethical, without the lawlessness and violence of the spoils of war and armed conflict. As of 2006 UN inspection is a must and will be performed anually.

As of 2012, the military group, Paradise, has offered their services to the country of Australia to protect citizens from the ongoing threat of terrorism. Today, alliances between Paradise and "Nation of Peace" (local mistranslation?) are no where in sight. An armed conflict between the two PMCs set their progress of peace back a few steps. Heres hoping, the CoN can step in.

In 2015, terrorists have spread over into eastern parts of Europe and Southern Asia. Russia, along with America leading the Coalition of Nations (CoN) successfully has continued to hold of terrorists coming in off the Russian border at Zima. By the end of the year, tensions rose between US and long time ally Russia, as the Commander in Chief has called the shots on the war on terror. Although, the war on terror is still on going, the relationship between the two presidents seem to be questionable.
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