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Official Universal Laws

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Official Universal Laws Empty Official Universal Laws

Post by The Architect on Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:09 pm

Take some time to read this information before starting your journey. (Anything applied to real life likely is the same here):

1. You will abide by “The Laws of the Architect”

a. The Architect creates the story.

b. The Architect creates events and can influence the lives of other citizens and their characters. This includes

i. Deletion of actions (posts)

ii. Influencing actions

iii. Linking actions to major Events

iv. Other decisions outside the players sphere of influence

c. The Architect cannot be interacted by:

i. Attacking The Architect (like swatting at the air)

ii. Physically touching The Architect

d. The Architect can be interacted by:

i. Communication (via story)

ii. Mentioning

iii. Musings and inspirations

2. You will abide by “The Laws of Physics.”

a. Do not worry too much about this. You do not really need to know physics at all. Just know that people do not float or disappear in plain sight. (Unless there is a “scientific” reason for it.) Still the scientific explanation does not have to be emphasized in your post. Events can be unexplained but any obvious derailment of natural laws will destroy your credibility in this universe. An explanation could just be as simple as using a jetpack to get away or something of that nature.

i. If you tell something that doesn’t seem right to others, then other people have the right to not believe you (in the narrative). For example, you could run at the speed of light, but we all know that you didn’t. Doesn’t mean that you did or exactly happened in the exact way you explained it.

b. No magic*. Doesn’t mean that your character does not believe in magic or some other supernatural forces. There is usually a logical explanation for everything. (Different World laws may vary)

3. You will abide by “Earth Laws**” :

a. Earth laws, being a very general term simply means that you would follow the laws in that particular country.

b. Once again, you do not have to look up every single law that is illegal or legal in other countries, but just know the obvious ones: stealing, killing, taking nukes from the prime minister of Zanzibar, walking off with the neighbor’s cat (okay that last one was debatable).

c. You will be put in prison if you do not. Prison in this here world kind of translates to a metaphorical ban (you are not really banned). Let’s just say you are put away from “living” or posting with all the other people. You join the inmates in prison/thread. Some threads for posting about off topic stuff are not off limits.

d. If some citizens are cops or other officials. They can arrest you. You can even call a citizen’s arrest on other citizens (in any situation). Although, that would be considered Ludicrous.

e. Different Earth’s/Worlds will vary in their laws.

4. You will abide by “The Time Line” :

a. No messing with the space-time continuum! Unless you want to, don’t mind the great Architect.

5. You will abide by “The Law of Kindness”

a. No hateful, racist, or insulting speech that is clearly out of character. Understandably there a characters of the bad/evil “alignment.”* Victims of such speech may retaliate in certain ways within a World. Honestly, do not push the limit or The Architect will act  (Refer to Law of Interaction)

b. Once again, illegal, or pornographic content will result in complete removal from this universe. Your Citizen name will be erased from space-time itself. Any mention of that citizen will be replaced by a “garbled” word. These are the Unmentionables.#

6. You will abide by “The Law of Interaction”:

a. There are specific ways to interact with citizens and their characters/alter egos.

i. Send messages/chat

ii. Attack/defend them

iii. Form alliances

iv. Form your own independent “story arcs”

v. Contribute in Major EVENTS (Very important; events help grow our universe!)

***(Revisions and amendments will be added)***
Amendments 1-6 finished at 3.3 million T-units (3.3 MT) AKA the universe age.

Revision Date: 1/1/2016 (18,739,520 T-U)

Last edited by The Architect on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:24 am; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Revision Date: 1/1/2016 (18,739,520 T-U))
The Architect
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