The vision was for those with the same will to create a world of their own. One man turns into an army. An army then turns into a nation. A nation becomes a world. Will you lead them or will you follow? Is this your will or will you defy your enemies and create a nation of your own? This is only a small example of what you can do in Worlds without Borders.
  There are guidelines to follow, but you do not even have to follow them. This will define for yourself whether you are a leader or a follower. Perhaps you agree with a cause or disagree with another. Maybe your destiny does not lie in fighting, but in a more peaceful way of life. Raise a family, write that book you never had time for, or live in the mansion of your dreams. These have nothing to do with the central story, but the central story may influence each character.

  I wanted this Worlds without Borders project to include all kinds of levels of writers. Those that are looking to improve or enhance their skill are welcome. Learning is key to this project. Pure enjoyment is also a great reason to join our universe. The environment here is hopefully comforting, expressive, and enjoyable to say the least. I or anyone else should not come here to be a critic because we are not experts. We are story tellers.
  You will find some RPG elements to this forum. I essentially want to focus on the story telling part of the forum. I additionally want this experience to be as dynamic as possible. News stories, currency systems, time lines, and other features that only add on to this universe. I hope it is not too ambitious to say this universe will be live.
  I want to encourage everyone to express themselves. Once again we are story tellers. I want to pass on this will to you. You already have the ability to think, process, and create. We are no different you and I. Once you truly understand that, I would like to welcome you to the New World.